What is Supervan?

Everything you want to know about Supervan: its operation, rates, and benefits!

Here is some general information about Supervan for our English-speaking customers. Whether you live in Paris or Île-de-France, Lyon or the south of France, like Marseille, Nice, Cannes, or Toulouse, Supervan is here for you!

Is Supervan a moving service?

We are not movers but transportation professionals offering a moving assistance service through online truck rental with a driver and a handler.

Starting at €39 including taxes, we provide a moving assistance service to simplify the complexities of transportation.

Supervan's rates are calculated solely according to distance, vehicle size and the handling option selected.

Your booked truck will arrive within the hour or with an appointment, depending on your needs.

How can you move with Supervan?

With Supervan, you can book trucks ranging from 6 to 20m3 in just 3 clicks, suitable for all home sizes for your move.

And with our partner drivers and handling options, even the heaviest boxes and bulkiest furniture can be moved with complete peace of mind.

Renting a truck with a driver at Supervan also ensures safe driving, avoiding worries related to parking, the appropriate license, or handling a utility vehicle.

What else can you do with Supervan?

Every week, many individuals rely on Supervan. They take advantage of Supervan's services to:

  • Transport bulky objects by truck with a driver
  • Send or receive heavy and bulky furniture for Leboncoin or eBay

Transporting a piece of furniture or a large, heavy object couldn't be easier with Supervan's trucks! Our private transport service adapts to all your requests: sofas, wardrobes, washing machines, shelves... Nothing can stop us.

Put an end to all the constraints associated with using services such as Mondial Relay, Chronopost or Colissimo… With the trucks of our partner transporters, you have total freedom to send your heaviest and bulkiest parcels!

How does Supervan work?

It's straightforward, and it takes just 5 minutes to book a truck with a driver, without having to create an account.

  1. Plan your reservation in advance or instantly order your truck with a driver
  2. Choose the most suitable vehicle and handling option for your transport
  3. The driver arrives at the departure address to start loading
  4. Hop aboard, with no extra cost, the driver will take you to your destination



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